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If you don’t want to find your potters through Instagram all the time, going to good craft fairs will do the trick. At a craft fair, you can see what pottery really looks like and more often than not you can meet the potter in person. To us that makes it worth it to visit craft fairs whenever we get the chance. Here are 20 craft fairs around the world you can visit and likely meet a potter or two or three while you are there.

1. West Coast Craft, San Francisco

Probably the motherlode of all craft fairs in San Francisco, West Coast Craft does a fantastic job of curating the coolest artisans on the West Coast for this massive craft fair. Held twice a year, in the summer and the winter.


2. Echo Park Craft Fair, Los Angeles

Echo Park Craft Fair, founded by two artists, Beatrice Valenzuela and Rachel Craven, this highly curated fair will satisfy your fashion as well as homeware cravings. Held in Silverlake, one of LA’s hottest neighborhoods,  you’ll be able to find such artists as BZippy and Mt. Washington Pottery there.


3. Renegade Craft Fair, Everywhere

Renegade Craft Fair travels all around… San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, Detroit, Miami, Portland, Austin, Chicago, and even London. It has a wide array of artisans showcasing their wares at these fairs so be sure not to miss this when it comes to your town.


4. Indie Craft Experience, Atlanta

Located in Atlanta, Indie Craft Experience (ICE) not only puts on craft fairs and pop up shops, it also builds a community for the local artisans.


5. The Finders Keepers, Australia

Founded in 2008, Finders Keepers shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia. It has grown to be Australia’s leading design market showing over 1200 sellers per year.


6. Market Collective, Calgary, Canada

Also founded in 2008, Market Collective has shown thousands of sellers over the past decade. Market Collective works to form a sustainable relationship with their artisans by ensuring they keep 100% of sales.


7. Holy Shit Shopping, Germany

You have to love a name like Holy Shit Shopping. This craft fair travels around Germany from Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, and Stuttgart.


8. The Indie South, Georgia

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 Another craft fair in Georgia, the Indie South travels around the Southern states. Stay tuned by checking their website for details.


9. The Urban Air Market

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Urban Air Market based in San Francisco, is the largest outdoor design market in the country. It hosts over a hundred vendors who specialize in sustainable design.


10. The Good Craft, Berkely, California

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The Good Craft is a socially conscious pop-up market.


11. Urban Craft Uprising, Seattle

The largest craft market in Seattle, Urban Craft Uprising was founded in 1995.


12. Crafty Wonderland, Portland

Crafty Wonderland shows twice yearly. It’s a rather large show with over 200 vendors!


13. Unique Markets,  Los Angeles

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Unique Markets, founded in 2008, is a large marketplace for independent artisans. With over 50,000 visitors and over $1M spent over the course of each 2-day event (three times a year in Los Angeles), this is a great place for vendors to get visibility.


14. Modern Artisan Market Place, Los Angeles

Modern Artisan Market Place is a beautifully curated fair.


15. Souk@SAT, Canada

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Souk @ SAT happens every year in mid-December.


16. Makers Collective, Greenville, South Carolina

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The Makers Collective hosts three different indie craft events throughout the year.


17. The Little Craft Show, Arkansas

The Little Craft Show takes place twice a year in Northwest Arkansas.


18. London Craft Week

In the spirit of London Fashion Week and London Design Week, London Craft Week is a luxury showcase of artisans from around the world. Shows one week a year in early May.


19. Made London

MADE London is a craft fair that shows once a year in London mid-October.


20. Feliz, Austin

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Feliz Austin is a pop-up craft fair that shows early November.