The more you love handmade ceramics, the more anything else just won’t do.  Especially after eating at a restaurant that serves their food on handmade ceramics, those mass-produced plates start to feel like the first set of plates you got when you moved into your own place. Even though handmade plates are up to ten times as expensive as mass-produced, they still get a lot more use out of them than other household items. They make food feel more special no matter if it has been home cooked or take-out. It’s like eating of a piece of art, every day. You may even have them custom made. Often times you get to communicate directly with the ceramicist to order exactly what you want.

The problem with finding the right set of plates is you can’t find them in just any store. Finding great handmade ceramics takes a little time and patience, and scouring the web. But not to worry! Here are twenty (yes TWENTY) handmade plates found from different artists around the world.

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Lucia Fraser 

WRF Labs

Kasper Wurtz

Kasper Wurtz

Humble CeramicsHumble Ceramics

Andrea Roman

Silvia K CeramicsEast Fork PotteryPottery by Osa

Wynne NobleWynne Noble

This Quiet Dusk CeramicsThis Quiet Dusk Ceramics

Lisa Russel Ceramics

Handmade Studio TNHandmade Studio TN

Tagliaferro Ceramics

Kim Wallace CeramicsKim Wallace Ceramics

Ayse Habibe Kucukayse habibe kucuk

Lisa Ommanney Ceramics

Lisa Ommanney Ceramics Baba Ceramicselsi tischkultur

elsi tischkultur

Lilith RockettLilith RockettSkandihusSkandihus