Some of us need all the help they can get to kick off a day. A cup of coffee that will put hair on your chest? Check.  Some rockin’ tunes to get you pumped? Eh, silence, please. A fun mug that will put a smile on your groggy face? Yes, to that, thank you. While we love a good joke on a mug, maybe step up the game and get something a little more sophisticated in the design department. Who says design can’t be fun? The great thing about handmade mugs is that almost every potter has their own take on a mug. Some potters really go wild with mugs because they are small enough to experiment with.  People love to buy them because no one can really ever have enough mugs, they make great gifts and have an accessible price point.

Here we have seven mugs that will get your morning started!

Recreation Center

This Blue Doodle Mug has a lot going on, pink handle, raw clay, then some amazing speckled glaze on the inside. It somehow incorporates so many design elements without going over the top. Or maybe better yet, just enough over the top to work. 

Katie Marks

Katie Marks is an Instagram famous potter with over 182K followers… her trademark crystal mugs and galaxy mugs sell out minutes after she posts them for sale. However, it doesn’t stop us from loving these beautiful treasures.

It’s a Public Holiday

One of Australia’s hottest potters, It’s a Public Holiday makes a lot of playful functional ceramics. This “U Mug” has an extended handle that will make it easy to cozy up with your cup of coffee or tea for those especially hard mornings.


One of our favorite up-and-coming potters out of LA, NEENINEEN has quite possibly the most unusual handles we’ve ever seen. Named after the French word for “noodle” these Nouille mugs have a squiggly handle that will make you rethink how you handle your mug.

  Lindsey Hampton

Probably one of our all-time favorite potters, Lindsey Hampton creates graphic-inspired pieces that have strong design elements. The square handle with a circle hole? Yes, please!

Malka Dina

Handmade in Brooklyn, this Artifact Mug combines the natural elements, earth and metal. We love the graphic nature of the arched handle positioned diagonally on the mug.

Mt. Washington Pottery

Here is one of those examples of getting an entry-level handmade item from a potter by purchasing a mug. Mt. Washington Pottery works a lot in lighting and home decor, but these mugs are just darling. The double handle mugs are playful yet the mug is chic enough to go with the rest of your ceramics.

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