Taking a vacation can mean many things; relaxing on the beach, white water rafting or marathon museum trips. What about taking classes? Pottery exists all over the world, why not take a class to learn the local pottery culture? Here are eight destination pottery classes we think you’d enjoy.


Mashiko Tougei Club: (Pictured above) About three hours from Tokyo, Mashiko is a rural village famous for pottery referred to as Mashiko-yaki. This is one of Japan’s most famous types of pottery. At the Mahiko Tougei Club, you can take classes for about 5800 Yen (US$53) per day and stay overnight in one of the 8 old Japanese style rooms in their lodge starting around 3900 Yen (US$35) a night.


ART’ha Ceramic: Located in the Ubud, famous for its ceramic production. Learn pottery from Made Artha a local artisan who has worked in some of the most prestigious pottery studios in Ubud before opening his own studio. ART’ha Ceramic offers ceramic courses starting around IDR300,000 (US$21) per session. They have three pottery wheels, two gas kilns, and work tables for a serene work environment.


Ateliers D’ailleurs: While you’re visiting Marrakech, (who doesn’t want to see the Majorelle Garden?) You can also take a pottery class from a local master. With translators, Ateliers D’ailleurs will teach you how to use a wheel in a five-hour course for about €69.

Portugal / France

Rob Sollis Ceramics: Taught by a Britsh ex-pat living, Rob Sollis offers both beginner and masterclass courses from his farm in Barregao, Portugal. He also offers similar classes led by his pottery colleague in South Western France. Each of the classes offers full catering, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you can focus on your pottery without getting hungry.


C.R.E.T.A Rome: If you’re staying in Rome for a longer time, like say a month, you might want to check out C.R.E.T.A. Standing for “Ceramics, Residencies, Exhibitions, Teaching, and the Arts” this school offers courses in one-month (twice weekly) packages for about €175. Here you can learn in one of the most artistic and ancient cities in the world as well as get to know what’s happening in the art world with their running exhibitions.

Mara Funghi: If you want to stay in Tuscany, Mara Funghi offers 10-day workshops on her farm in Sorano. Here you’ll learn ancient hand-building techniques, Raku firing, and pit firing. She is an artist who does her own glazes and they are truly gorgeous.


Barro.Co: Located in San Miguel de Allende Barro.Co offers classes ranging from one week (two class days) to one month  (4 classes a week). Here you can learn all pottery according to your skill level because each student is given individual attention.


Taos Clay Studio: If you’re traveling through New Mexico, Taos is always a lovely stop. At the Taos Clay Studio they have daily classes. You can glaze pots, Raku fire them and even throw your own pots. You can even rent the shared studio for a day rate of $40 and just work in the beautiful surrounding of Taos.