What is GLAZE Magazine?

A celebration of 21st Century ceramics.

 Though pottery has existed for the length of civilization, the zeitgeist of ceramics has a fresh outlook on design and with modern use.  To document this phenomenon, we visit artists in their studios, collectors in their homes, and curate editorial features with the mission of placing the process of making ceramics in the context of real life.



GLAZE is founded by Jennine Jacob. Jennine is an avid ceramics collector and she can center a piece of clay on the wheel. She first began her career as a writer with her blog The Coveted in 2007, and Independent Fashion Bloggers that same year. She was among the first generation of professional style bloggers before selling the blog in 2015. After which she took a two-year break from blogging to share her ceramics collection through her rental business mrs.peasy which she sold in 2017. Since making an international move from San Francisco to Germany, Jennine decided to return to her career as a writer and start a digital magazine combining her skills through blogging with her knowledge of ceramics.

Currently, Jennine is living in Cologne, Germany with her husband and son.