One of a Kind Treasures of BDB Ceramics

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In this world, you would have to look very hard to find something that no one else has. Even with handmade objects, many exist as part of limited editions. With BDB ceramics, Re Jin Lee has created a world of one of a kind objects. And they are beautiful. Both sculptural and functional each piece is hand-built. “I look at some ideas I have in my sketchbook and once I start making it nothing goes as planned… in a good way!” Says Lee of her creative process.  An intuitive method, Lee puts to the test her creative boundaries as there are not just a few one of a kind vases, but many.

“I construct some of my pieces as if I were creating a garment…”

Lee was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil to South Korean Parents. She finds inspiration from the intermingling of the two cultures. She also went to university for fashion design, earning degrees from Central Saint Martins and Instituto Europeu Di Design. Lee came to the United States to pursue her career in fashion but fell in love with homeware design.

Her training in fashion plays a huge part in how she constructs her ceramics,”I construct some of my pieces as if I were creating a garment (patterns, molds techniques such as moulage). But fashion influences greatly when I edit and present a collection.” she says. You can see it in her work, scallop detailing, baubles mixed with minimalist forms. The forms are unique yet they all speak the same visual language. The aesthetic could easily translate into a fashion collection. A ceramic and fashion collaboration? That could be something truly special.