Words by Jennine Jacob
Photo by Chris Dibble


Why start Glaze Magazine?

It all started with collecting plates from the thrift stores. My love for ceramics. I mean, I took pottery in high school like everyone else, but the real passion came from finding cool plates and researching their history. My growing collection of plates happened at the same time handmade pottery made a huge come back. Going to craft fairs, I’d see such remarkable work by artists from all walks of life. It wasn’t just the plates anymore that captured my attention but the personal stories behind artisan made ceramics.

While pottery made a global comeback…  people love following potters on social media, nothing online delved deeper into the interesting stories behind the scenes. As an experienced blogger, I saw this as an opportunity. I want to bring to light the reawakening of the industry, to feature up-and-coming artists, their work, and their stories. I want to put pottery in a context for living by featuring chefs, collectors, and stylists.

Maybe this ceramics craze is a trend, but I don’t think so. People have needed ceramic wares since the dawn of civilization. People don’t just throw away pottery, it lasts a lifetime. They hold the food we eat, the coffee we drink, and the flowers on the table. Ceramics are part of our lives. For those of us who pay attention to these details, we’re passionate about this art.

I hope you enjoy this website!

All the best,

Jennine Jacob, founder