linda fahey ceramics, linda fahey, ceramics, ocean ceramicsBlink and you might miss Yonder Shop in Pacifica. For years this little boho ceramics shop has brought big-city aesthetics to a sleepy ocean town just south of San Francisco. Just this past September, Linda Fahey opened up a second shop in the Richmond District of San Francisco.  As in the original store, you can find Fahey’s highly curated collection of tableware items along with her own collection of ocean-inspired pottery. She also works with snake motifs, ceramic shelving, and ceramic knots that she collaborates with artists to make jewelry with. Fahey creates a world for her ceramics with her shops so you can visualize living with her own work.

In the new location, a large studio space dedicated to workshops now available to the public. You can take hand-building courses, learn how to work with paper clay or even take a bread making workshop. Here we talk to Linda about her new digs…

GLAZE: How do you curate Yonder Shop to work with your ceramics? 

Linda Fahey: The curation piece is hard to define in many ways because it’s a gut thing, an instinct. My main goal is to support tableware, so a lot of my goods choices are in response to that.  I like carrying a number of other ceramic makers for quality and variety.

G: Tell us about your classes and workshops. What made you made you decide to offer them to the public?

LF: I think I could easily have been a teacher, I like doing it, it adds to the energy and feeling about what the shop conveys – a seamless experience from studio to customer to daily use. People who take classes get a real sense of the making process but also see it in a very finished state.

G: How is the SF shop different from the Pacifica Shop?

LF: The SF shop, though aesthetically kin to Pacifica, has some inherent differences based on its location, and the look and feel of the space. It’s open, light-filled, tall ceilings. Many of the goods are familiar, but I have expanded and added more lines.

G: What are you currently working on?

LF: Right now, three months into a new shop I’m focused on getting it fleshed out, and it takes up most of my time. I’m behind on making, working to catch up. The next deadline is dinner plates for FOG FAIR SF in January.

Then some rest!!

Visit Yonder Shop online at  or in person at  1001 Cabrillo, San Francisco, California or at 158 Reina Del Mar Ave in Pacifica.